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Australian Tartaric Products at Colignan just out of Mildura, Victoria, is Australia's largest manufacturer of natural Tartaric Acid, and also produces Food Grade Spirit. The facility processes considerable volumes of Grape Marc, Grape lees, centrifuge desludge by-products created from the wine making process, producing a completely natural product from material, which would otherwise go into landfill. The company collects the above-mentioned waste from the Sunraysia, Riverland, Riverina and Barossa Valley wine growing regions.

A major ingredient in wine-making, the Tartaric Acid produced in the Mildura region is sold mainly to Australian wineries, with smaller quantities taken up by pharmaceutical companies and food manufacturers. Food Grade Spirit is also sold both to Australian wineries and internationally to be used in wine fortification and Brandy production.

Australian Tartaric Products manufacture and supply the finest quality natural Tartaric Acid, natural Cream of Tartar and pure food grade Spirit to the Australian wine industry. We are also suppliers of Citric Acid, Rochelle salt, Ammonium Tartrate, Metatartaric Acid and Potassium Tartrate.

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